6 Steps To Filing Workers Compensation


If you work at any job that requires heavy labor then you should know about workers compensation insurance. In California, it is mandatory for businesses to have this insurance as well as tell employees their options if they need to file a workers compensation claim. Our workers compensation lawyers in California at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach want to make things easier on you. We know that filing a workers compensation claim can be quite complicated. You think you can rely on your employer’s insurance company, but you can’t. You have to be active in the process to make sure that the process is going through smoothly. If you end up with a snag in your report then you are looking at losing your claim or delaying it.

Workers compensation claims are necessary to help you financially get over your on-the-job injury. Do not let the insurance companies fool you or take your ignorance for granted. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the action needed to file a complete workers compensation claim then reach out to our workers compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach in Los Angeles by calling 818-609-7005 or clicking here. In the meantime, here are 6 steps to help you file your workers compensation claim:

  1. Tell employer: If you have been injured on the job tell your employer immediately. Whatever pain you have will have to be connected to the incident and if there is no incident on file then you may be denied a claim.
  2. Go to the doctor: Find a medical professional fast. Go to someone that you may already see. Find someone you can trust and tell them exactly what happened and be sure to tell them that it happened at work. It is the details that will keep your claim open and approved.
  3. Do what the doctor says: Your workers compensation claim will only pay for what is hurting in the injury related to your incident. If you aren’t following the doctor’s orders then you may get injured again, but it will not be covered in your claim and you will be out of work longer.
  4. Document, document, document: Don’t trust that the insurance company has it all right. Document your own situation so that you can compare it with the insurance company if there is a problem. Keep a journal of all that you are going through, the times of conversations, and what they were about. Keeping these details can be the difference between getting paid or not paid.
  5. Medical examination: Your employment may ask you to take a third-party medical examination. Sometimes these doctors do not treat you like they should. Make sure you bring someone with you to help document your experience and make sure that the doctor is being honest.
  6. Delay or denied: This happens sometimes. If your claim was denied or delayed workers compensation attorneys are ready to a strong advocate for you and get your claim back on track.
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