The Benefits of Workers Compensation in California


Californians work all kinds of different jobs in California. Some are more dangerous than others. Californians who work construction or industrial jobs involving heavy machinery are more prone to injuries, but people can be hurt at any type of job. These injuries can be very devastating for the victim. Depending on the severity of the injury, the person may incur costly medical bills and be unable to work for a period of time.

The injured worker may be entitled to workers compensation for their injuries though. If the person was injured in a workplace accident, the employer is required by law to provide workers compensation. These benefits can pay for a number of different costs incurred by the employee because of the injury.

The employer is required to pay for medical bills, which can include doctor’s visits, therapy, medication, medical equipment, and potentially, even travel costs to receive the proper medical care. The employer also must pay for lost wages, while the victim is unable to work.

This could be either temporary or permanent depending on the extent of the injuries. If the injuries are permanent, the employer may also have to pay for retraining the victim, if the employer does not offer the employee another job. If the injuries cause death, the employer may also need to pay death benefits to the victim’s family.

Unfortunately, many people are injured on the job each year in California. The effects of the injury can be costly for the victim if they incur major medical bills or are unable to work. However, the victims may be entitled to workers compensation benefits from the employer to pay for those costs. Experienced attorneys understand what an injured worker may be entitled to and may be able to help protect one’s rights.

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