Your Boss is Not Your Friend – Beware of the Werewolf!


Let’s face it, no matter how much you like or get along with your boss, he is not your friend. Far from being your confidant or best buddy. It is actually the opposite, and you better set some boundaries because the werewolf is coming after you. Your boss is the inappropriate person to vent or express your frustrations with. Take your frustrations to family and friends or people who really care. Remember that it is all about getting something from you. Once you no longer serve their purpose, they will get rid of you, and go try to deceive someone else. Typically, the poor red riding hood walking in the forest alone fits that category.

This is a common scenario. Some employers are too friendly with their employees because they want to know their whereabouts or make them work after hours. But once you feel sick because you are too burned out trying to please the wolf, they will go hunting new prey.

Your coworkers know better

While everyone has a bad day when you start working at a company and your coworkers are overworked and burned out most of the time, run for your life! Your boss may try to convince you that they are too lazy or perhaps not a fit for the job. Get ready because you are next. No matter how much you are praised, he is actually sharpening his teeth.

Dig in deeper

It is important you understand the motivation behind your employer’s over-friendliness. Perhaps he is running out of lies to keep his employees happy and needs new allies, which soon will become his enemies once they figure out the truth. Or they may simply linger until they find a better job.

Don’t feel sorry for the werewolf

There are times when an employer is dealing with a difficult situation in his life, such as drug addiction, family, and relationship problems, which tends to crip into his life. This will make matters worse as he is not reliable. You will be tempted to feel sorry and suggest he goes to rehab but don’t. Again, set healthy boundaries, which most times mean building a strong fortress to protect yourself and your career from the werewolf. The red riding hood would have done much better if she would have realized sooner that the knight in shining armor was just an empty armor suit.

Setting boundaries at work

If you spend most of your time working, even after hours, and you feel burned out, it is time to set some boundaries. It might be difficult to do because your boss is a control freak, but you have a life. Once the werewolf drains your energy you will be left on the road bleeding, and hopefully, you are lucky to survive.

People are generally afraid of confronting those over them. That’s a terrible mistake. You are the one empowering the werewolf. Confront and stop any type of harassment. Don’t believe his lies. Play along until you can get out of that dungeon.

There is a way out of the dark forest

You deserve better. You deserve a safe work environment and to be surrounded by people who truly respect you. If you are overworked and your health is suffering, as a result, call one of our Los Angeles stress-related work injury lawyers. You may have a case.

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