California Kitchen Worker Suffered Serious Injuries In Fire


Often, when people hear that someone was injured at work, they picture a job related to construction or another form of physical labor. However, serious injuries can occur while performing a number of other professions as well. One California kitchen worker was recently severely injured while on the job.

The employee worked in the cafe of an amphitheater that was hosting a Google conference. Reports indicate that the kitchen worker, along with other co-workers was attempting to light the deep fat fryer when a flash fire broke out. A witness stated that he heard an explosion and saw flames and smoke pour through the cafe window.

The local fire department was called in to take care of the situation. However, they reported that the kitchen’s fire-suppression system was able to put out the fire, due to its small size. Though the cafe was not open at the time, six people were hurt in total. Three were taken to the hospital and one of them suffered life-threatening injuries.

The injuries this worker suffered will likely result in significant medical bills. He may consider filing a workers compensation claim to help pay these bills and make up for the wages he may lose during his recovery. Any California resident who has suffered serious injuries while on the job could speak to an experienced workers compensation attorney to learn more about these types of claims. In addition to providing more information, an attorney could also help clients file a claim and provide guidance throughout the legal proceedings.

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