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Law Offices Of Kropach & Kropach

Accidents in the workplace can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. However, federal statistics have recently shown that serious injuries resulting from these accidents are more likely to happen to older workers. In some cases, these injuries may even lead to fatalities. In California alone, the rate of fatal accidents for older workers […]

Law Offices Of Kropach & Kropach

California employees working in construction know that their jobs could be dangerous. Accidents in this industry can easily lead to serious injuries for those involved. One worker in another state was recently injured after the trench he was in collapsed. Authorities reported that the man was working with his team to connect to the main […]

Law Offices Of Kropach & Kropach

In an ideal world, it wouldn’t make any difference which doctor you went to — your treatment would be up to the same medical standards and would cost roughly the same. This is not an ideal world, but it’s closer than a lot of people might think. At least, it is according to a study […]

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