The Most Common On-The-Job Orthopedic Injuries


Even if you don’t have a particularly physical job involving a lot of manual labor, you may be more at risk of an orthopedic injury at work than you may think. Perhaps most commonly associated with construction, manufacturing, and jobs requiring a lot of heavy lifting, orthopedic injuries can happen anywhere, at any time. For example, you may slip or trip in the office and fracture a bone, or the work vehicle you’re driving could be involved in an accident. Whatever your job title is, and however you sustained your workplace orthopedic injury, it can be a traumatic, unsettling, and expensive time. Workers compensation was introduced, for this reason, giving employees a way to cover some of the costs involved in being unable to work due to work-related illness or injury.

Before we explain how a top Los Angeles orthopedic injury attorney could get you the compensation you deserve, can you guess what the most common orthopedic injuries we see are?

Did you guess the most common orthopedic injuries?

Unless you’re planning on making it your specialist subject in a quiz show, it doesn’t really matter if you guessed all, some, or none of the most common orthopedic injuries correctly. Apologies if you’re a competitive type and felt compelled to be the best.

Without further ado, some of the most common orthopedic injuries cited in workers compensation claims and, therefore, seen by this Los Angeles orthopedic injuries attorney, are:

  • Shoulder injuries: this includes ongoing pain and is generally caused by spending a lot of time moving or lifting heavy objects. However, as mentioned earlier, shoulder injuries could also be caused by an unexpected accident at work
  • Neck injuries: even a sedentary job, where you sit at a computer in an office for most of your day, can lead to orthopedic injuries of the neck. If you’re involved in an accident, you could also sustain spinally or nerve damage
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: numbness, pain, and tingling in the hand can be incredibly annoying and distracting, aside from the issue of the pain itself. This tends to occur mostly in those who spend a lot of time at a computer
  • Rotator Cuff tears:  this is another common form of orthopedic injury and can make it difficult to carry out even basic tasks when you work in a manual job
  • Back injuries: there’s a huge spectrum of back injuries, from minor posture-related pain to potentially life-threatening or life-limiting spinal fractures
  • Wrist pain: this may happen when carrying heavy loads or could be the result of repetitive movements, such as those used in a manufacturing role
  • Knee injuries: as with most other orthopedic injuries, there’s a variety of reasons why you may be suffering from knee pain. Wear and tear from a physically demanding job, a strain from overextending, or a sprain are just some of the common causes

Have you suffered an orthopedic injury at work?

If you have, you’ll know just how long and arduous the recovery process can be. Not only will you be in considerable pain, but you may also have temporarily limited mobility, and possibly can’t do your job until you’re fully healed.

If this is the case, a Los Angeles orthopedic injury lawyer could help you secure the compensation you’re entitled to, to ease the financial burden. Call today on 818-609-7005 for your free consultation.

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