Common Problems With Workers Comp Claims


Oftentimes, insurance companies deny workers comp claims, even if they are valid. If you have been denied your workers comp benefits, don’t give up. Hire an experienced workers comp attorney in Los Angeles to pursue your case. It is possible that you are still entitled to workers comp benefits.

Correcting mistakes on claims

Sometimes applicants make mistakes when filing for workers comp, which may result in a denied claim. Some reasons for denial include:

  • When the injury is not reported in a timely manner.
  • Forms are not completed the right way.
  • The medical information and accident report are not included.
  • Not taking the required medical tests.
  • When the doctor says the injuries sustained in the accident are not work-related.

It is possible to correct these issues and file a successful claim when you hire adequate legal representation. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, we have decades of experience representing injured workers in Los Angeles and nearby cities. We can help you correct any problems with your application so that you can receive the workers comp benefits you deserve. You need someone well-versed in this area of law to present information to the judge.

You may also encounter problems after your claim was accepted. Perhaps you received the wrong amount or type of medical treatment you need. In such cases, your Los Angeles workers comp lawyer can also review your case and ensure the best possible outcome.

Common workers comp claims in Los Angeles

While nobody expects to be injured on the job, it can happen to anybody. The problem is when your employer’s insurance company refuses to compensate you accordingly. Some of the most common workers compensation injuries include:

  • Overexertion: This is one of the most common workplace injuries, which occurs when an employee lifts or pushes something and pulls a muscle. These injuries are common in factories and construction sites as well as police stations.
  • Slip and falls: This is another usual workplace accident, which may cause severe injuries depending on the nature of the incident. It is common for security workers, store clerks to sustain these types of injuries, which are generally caused by wet floors, loose carpeting, and other conditions.
  • Struck by an object: This is common when something falls off a shelf injuring workers and customers. These injuries are common among retail and restaurant workers.
  • Highway accident: These injuries are common among truck drivers and taxi drivers when they are on the road during work hours. It can also happen to travel business reps and the police.
  • Machinery accidents: This is the typical scenario in many factories without properly trained staff. The injuries sustained during these accidents generally require costly medical treatment and a long recovery.

It is important you claim your workers comp benefits as soon as possible. Even if your claim was denied, you can call us and schedule your initial case assessment. Our attorneys have experience resolving the common problems associated with workers compensation claims.

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