Compassion Can Go a Long Way to Avoid Stress-Related Injuries. What about Companies Who Don’t Show Compassion?


A depressed, anxious, or otherwise struggling employee can be tricky for an employer or manager to deal with. On the one hand, the ultimate goal of the business is to turn a profit, and any conflict amongst employees or loss of revenue caused by a slower work rate can have quite an effect on this. On the other hand, this is a human being who’s going through a tough time and deserves a little compassion. While many employers are now recognizing the importance of being compassionate towards their team, both in terms of their own human decency and the benefits to their business, there is a regrettable proportion who still see their workforce as nothing more than a resource to be used.

Stress-related injuries in the workplace

Not all workplace injuries involve broken bones or physical pain. However, the emotional pain caused by anxiety, depression, and stress can be equally debilitating. Employers who view their staff as just numbers on a timesheet or cogs in the wheel of their business can do quite a lot of damage to those people’s wellbeing. If you’re being pushed and pushed at work to perform better and better to the detriment of your own health and wellbeing, sometime really isn’t right.

Did you know that over half of those who change jobs do it because they didn’t like their former employer? When you’re consistently worked to the bone with little in the way of thanks, it can grind you down, make you feel underappreciated, and contribute to stress and stress-related injuries. Stress is more than just feeling as though you’ve been working too hard recently or a little wound up about a, particularly busy day. It can do real damage to your health.

Recognizing a stressful work environment

If you’ve been in your job for a while, the stress may have built up gradually, without you even noticing it was happening until you felt like you were burning out. However, if you’re starting a new job, keep an eye out for signs of excessive stress and a less-than-compassionate employer. An expectation to work after hours regularly, coworkers who often seem on edge and under immense pressure, and a boss who seems oddly keen to act like your new best friend can all be indicators of an unhealthy workplace.

Getting help from a Los Angeles stress-related injuries attorney

When workplace stress starts to impact your health, your family, and other aspects of your life, it’s time to do something about it. You deserve a safe, rewarding workplace and the mental wellbeing to enjoy the people, hobbies, and things you love. An experienced stress-related injuries attorney in Los Angeles or further afield can help you to ease your suffering and win compensation for your stress-related injuries.

If you think this applies to you and would like to learn more, book an initial consultation to discuss your case by contacting our office on 818-609-7005.

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