Construction Worker Facing Serious Injuries After Trench Collapse


California employees working in construction know that their jobs could be dangerous. Accidents in this industry can easily lead to serious injuries for those involved. One worker in another state was recently injured after the trench he was in collapsed.

Authorities reported that the man was working with his team to connect to the main water line. For unknown reasons, the worker entered the trench without the use of a protective box. While he was inside, the trench collapsed, burying him up to his waist. Fire officials stated that a second cave-in then occurred which completely covered the man. Officials believe the collapse was due to recent heavy rain.

Before rescuers could arrive, the man was able to uncover his head from the dirt, and his team members began trying to dig him out by hand. Over a dozen firefighters responded to the scene and worked to uncover the worker over the course of two hours. He was given oxygen and pain medication during the rescue and was then taken to the hospital with crushing injuries to his lower extremities.

Because the man was hurt while on the job, he may be able to file a workers compensation claim. If his claim is successful, he could be awarded monetary damages that could help cover the cost of medical bills and any lost wages he may incur over the course of his recovery. Any California workers who have suffered serious injuries while at work could consult experienced workers compensation attorneys to learn more about these types of claims and obtain assistance in filing them.

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