Construction Workers Accidents May Lead To Serious Injuries


When accidents happen on the job, employees may suffer serious injuries. This is particularly true in the construction industry. California construction workers accidents may occur for a number of reasons, but when injuries coincide with them, employees may choose to file workers compensation claims. A worker in another state may consider filing after getting hurt at a construction site.

The accident occurred on the morning of June 29 at a building that was under construction. Reports did not indicate the specific type of work the man was doing, but they state that he was working on the 12th floor when he was injured. The local fire department was called in to conduct the rescue.

Officials stated that the worker injured his back, though it is currently unclear what caused the injury. Because of this, rescuers decided to use a type of stretcher called a Stokes basket rather than a ladder or the temporary external elevator on site. The stretcher was connected to a crane, and the worker was slowly lowered to the ground. He was then taken to the hospital.

The workers injury may cause him to miss work for an extended amount of time during his recovery. This potential loss in wages coupled with his medical bills may put a strain on his finances. To combat this, the worker will likely choose to file a workers compensation claim, which could help pay his bills and make up lost wages if successful. Any employees suffering from construction workers accidents could consult experienced California workers compensation attorneys to learn more about filing claims.

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