Construction Workers Compensation Needed


California is home to over 1 million jobs in construction. These jobs vary from managers to engineers to painters and maintenance crews. The industry is booming as the housing market is on the upswing and cities are ever expanding. From skyscrapers to housing developments to road repair, it is hard to miss construction workers as you drive down the road. Not to mention, it is hard to miss those big orange signs warning of traffic tickets for going over the speed. It is true, though. As you are driving it is important to watch out for construction workers because they are inevitably working to make your route safer and more enjoyable experience. But what if you are a construction worker and the accident is from an outside? What if you get injured on the job?

Most construction workers are contracted and not always official employed. As projects fade in and out so does the industry desire for full time workers. So what happens if you are only contracted and you get injured on the job? Or worse, what if you get permanently injured or if the injury causes your death?

If you are searching for information on workers compensation then you are looking at the right place. If you or a loved one is suffering from a job injury then you need to find an attorney who is willing to fight for you. Our workers comp lawyers in California at the Law Offices at Kropach & Kropach are here to share their wealth of knowledge with you. We want to do this because we believe in our construction workers. We know that this country would not have its economy if it weren’t for your physical activity in building roads and buildings. So if you are injured on the job we want to be there for you because sometimes the easiest thing for your job to do is to walk away from you. This means you are left with the difficulty of healing, paying for all the medical bills, and then finding a new job.

Most construction accidents happen due to falls, struck by objects, electrocutions, and caught in between objects like walls or machines. No matter how many years of experience you have working on roofs or how much protective gear you have on, if you fall from a 15 ft ceiling on to the ground you are going to be hurt in some way. If your boss is not providing you with adequate equipment, safety equipment, or educated co-workers then they are setting you up for failure. If this negligent behavior can be tied to the reason of your injury then our workers compensation lawyers will ensure that you are compensation for your injury and pain and suffering. Do not hesitate to call 818-609-7005 or click here. We understand the stress and hassle of leaving a job due to injury. We know that your family depends on you and your paycheck. Let us take care of you for a change.

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