Construction Workers Often Face Workplace Injuries


Most California employees who work in construction are aware that it can be a dangerous industry. Workplace injuries are common due to any number of factors, such as potentially unstable conditions and close proximity to heavy machinery. A worker in another state was injured after the trench he was working in collapsed.

Officials said that the man was working on putting in sewer lines with two others at the time of the accident. The crew had erected a metal retaining wall around them for protection. When the man stepped out of the wall within the trench, the surrounding dirt began to fall around him. He was not completely covered by the dirt, however.

The other two workers managed to pull the man back within the retaining wall before he became trapped. The local fire department was able to get the worker into a safety basket and lift him out so that he could be taken to the hospital for treatment. The man reportedly suffered back and hip injuries.

Whenever employees face workplace injuries, they may have to deal with financial concerns, such as medical bills or lost wages, in addition to coping with their injuries. To offset these costs, injured workers are entitled to file workers compensation claims for benefits to cover medical expenses and lost income from work while recovering. Anyone interested in learning more about such claims can consult with an experienced California workers compensation lawyer to obtain more information and to gain assistance in filing. Additionally, a lawyer could provide guidance and support throughout any future legal proceedings related to the accident.

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