Coping With Work-related Stress


Everyone will experience work-related stress at some point in their lives. It is not something you look forward to but it will eventually happen. When this type of stress becomes chronic, you should find out what’s causing it and deal with your work situation, whatever it may be, with the help of an experienced Los Angeles workplace injury attorney.

Stress can become a serious issue

Unfortunately, over one-third of workers in the United States report experiencing job-related stress, and only 30% say that the company they worked for helped them manage work-related stress. Although there are many tensions you can avoid at work, it’s not always possible for some employees whose bosses make their lives miserable. It doesn’t matter how great they perform, there is always a reason to sabotage their careers.

Identify the sources of stress

This is the first and most important step. Among the most common work-related stressors, you will find:

  • Heavy workload
  • Inadequate compensation
  • No opportunities for growth and promotion
  • Work tasks that are tedious
  • You are not part of work-related decisions
  • Unrealistic expectations

The effects of stress on your body

Job-related stress will not go away on its own. If the stressful situation at work persists, it may affect your health. You may have to deal with problems such as trouble concentrating, headache, sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression. If you continue experiencing excessive stress, you may end up having unstable eating habits, smoking, drinking, and abusing drugs.

Stress can affect the nervous system and activate physical reactions that produce wear and tear on the body. It can also affect the male and female reproductive systems and make the body more vulnerable to infection. You can also have gastrointestinal problems; whether overeating, diarrhea, nausea, or problems with digestion, these conditions can worsen if they are not treated promptly.

Some tips for managing job-related stress

  • Write down the situations that have created stress and how you have dealt with them.
  • Respond in a healthy way. This means finding healthy ways to cope with stress such as exercising, reading, playing games, or anything else you enjoy. Get enough sleep and limit your caffeine intake.
  • Create boundaries. Don’t become available 24/7. After all, you are not toll-free. It is tempting checking your work e-mail from home but don’t. Take a break. Your health’s more important.
  • Recharge your batteries. You need time to relax. That means you will not engage in any job-related activities. Whenever you can, take some time off and turn off your cell phone.
  • Learn some relaxation techniques. There are some techniques out there such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and meditation that can help you manage stress. You can take a few minutes every day and focus on an activity avoiding all distractions. These are great techniques you can also apply to other areas of your life.
  • Talk to your boss or supervisor. Employers are responsible to create a safe work environment. If you are lacking these things, perhaps it’s time to point it out.
  • Seek support from family and friends. We weren’t born knowing everything. It’s great having family and friends you can go to when dealing with these stressful situations. They can give you insightful advice.
  • Find a Los Angeles workplace injury lawyer to handle your situation and represent your interests. The attorney will take a look at your circumstances and determine whether or not you have a case.
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