COVID-19 Highlights Modern Day Heroes


The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating throughout the world and here in the United States. We are experiencing an unprecedented health crisis, and drastic steps have been taken to slow the spread of the disease. These necessary steps have disrupted our lives and the economy.

We want to extend our gratitude to all of the heroes on the front lines battling against coronavirus. Thank you to all of the brave doctors, nurses, EMTs, first responders, and hospital support staff. Thank you to all of our delivery service members, public transit employees, bankers, and grocery store workers.

Without the courageous workers in these essential industries, this country would come to a standstill. These workers have a much higher risk of contracting coronavirus, and their service is saving lives.

Will these employees be entitled to workers compensation?

Unfortunately, essential workers in Los Angeles and throughout this country are much more likely to contract COVID-19. If workers do contract coronavirus during the course of their work duties, they should be entitled to full workers compensation insurance coverage for what has happened to them.

As with any work injury, there must be evidence that an employee contracted COVID-19 within the course of their employment. However, it can be extremely difficult to determine the exact moment when a person contracts this virus. In some cases, a workers compensation insurer may claim the virus was contracted at home or while a person was grocery shopping, as opposed to while they were at work.

We anticipate then there will be many workers compensation claims arising from those who have worked essential jobs and subsequently become ill with COVID-19. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, we do not think then these workers should have to fight to secure the benefits they are entitled to.

How will a worker prove they contracted covid-19 on-the-job?

If an employee believes they have been exposed to, or contracted coronavirus as a result of their work-related duties, they should notify their employer immediately. For cases handled by our law office, we will examine:

  • The nature of a worker’s employment (whether they were a front-line/essential worker)
  • How a worker was likely exposed
  • When a worker was likely exposed
  • How frequently a worker may have been exposed

We will work to obtain all medical records related to your case, including the results and date of any diagnostic tests for coronavirus. As this is a new and unprecedented situation, workers compensation laws in California could change to address the ongoing pandemic.

Let us help you through this

If you or somebody you care about works in an essential industry, thank you for your service during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, we will be here to help if you become ill and need workers compensation coverage. Our goal is to ensure do you receive the coverage you are entitled to, including medical care, disability/indemnity payments, or death benefits for any related coronavirus complications or injuries. If you need a Los Angeles coronavirus workers compensation lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 818-609-7005.

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