Crashes Often Cause Of Workplace Accidents In Transportation Work


Most people think of construction sites or factories when they hear of workers being injured on the job. However, workplace accidents are not uncommon in other professional fields in California and across the country as well. Instead of suffering from falls or injuries from heavy machinery, workers in the transportation industry may be injured by motorists or other roadway accidents. A worker in another state was recently hurt in one such incident.

The victim is employed with a state department of transportation. He and other co-workers were parked in the emergency lane of the highway to survey a bridge. For reasons that are still unclear, a semi-truck left its lane and struck two of the three DOT vehicles parked in the emergency lane. The impact caused the truck the victim was standing beside to hit him.

The victim suffered serious injuries, primarily to his lower body. Though he was taken to the hospital in serious condition, the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. None of the other workers were injured. Utah State Troopers are continuing to investigate the truck driver as well as his big rig to determine if any mechanical issues played a role in the crash.

In situations like this, where a worker is seriously injured, the worker may consider filing a workers compensation claim to cover medical costs, lost income, and more. If the party believed at fault is not the victim’s employer or a co-worker, a third-party personal injury claim in civil court may also be appropriate. If successful, the injured party could be awarded a separate judgment for monetary damages, including pain and suffering. Those injured in workplace accidents could consult experienced Los Angeles workers compensation attorneys to obtain more information about such claims.

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