Do I Need a Death Claim Attorney?


In short, yes.

If you are dealing with the death of a loved one and you are seeking financial compensation via a workers compensation claim, then it is absolutely necessary and advised that you seek a death claims attorney. If someone you love died while on the job then you don’t need the stress of dealing with insurance claims. Instead, you need to focus on rebuilding yourself and your family from the tragic loss of your loved one.

Riskiest jobs

Any job carries a risk, but some carry more than others. The top jobs for death fatalities are loggers, fishers and fishing workers, flight engineers, roofers, trash and recycling collectors, iron and steelworkers, truck driver, farmers and agricultural managers, electrical power line workers, and groundskeepers. These jobs are known for being some of the most dangerous jobs with the highest amount of death and fatalities per 100,000 people. As you can imagine most of these jobs require working with dangerously heavy materials, dangerously high places, and materials that can hurt or kill you. These jobs are very hands-on and typically done outdoors.

Even though these jobs have strict safety guidelines, an accident is an accident and sometimes you just don’t see it coming. Tragedies include slipping and falling which leads to traumatic brain injuries or catastrophic back and neck injuries. Other tragedies include heavy objects falling onto the person or getting wedged between two places. These deaths are not comfortable to hear nor is any family ready to hear about what happened to their loved one. Yet, reports must be made and documentation must be filed. Even though your loved one provided their time and loyalty to a job does not mean that they are interested in reciprocating.

The downside of insurance companies

As if you didn’t know, insurance companies are a business. They are in the business of betting that you won’t get hurt or die on the job. So when it does happen, instead of wanting to help families, insurance companies will try to lowball the benefits and financial compensation. This is just business. Our death claims attorneys in Los Angeles at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach know that there is no price that can compensate for the loss of your loved one, but we also know that you should not be manipulated at a tragic and sensitive like this.

The upside of hiring a death claim attorney

We can assure that your loved one is getting the justice they deserve, by getting you the compensation you need to help support your family. Death Claims should help in assisting with funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of wages. Most plans will configure your children and a lifespan of wages. However, this negotiation can get complicated. Don’t let the stress of the death of your loved one cloud the judgment needed to get an accurate claim. Call 818-609-7005 or click here to start a conversation with our Los Angeles death claims lawyers today.

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