Do Opioids Help Workers Return Work Faster


We have all heard about opioids and how the addiction to them has sadly swept across the nation causing an epidemic. Not only is it devastating families but it is also costing the United States billions of taxpayer dollars each and every year.

Sadly, the thing is that even though opioids have such a bad reputation, when administered in the correct manner they can be very useful to treat pain, especially in women. A recent study by Princeton University found that opioids can help workers stay at work when in other cases they may have taken a leave of absence.

The effects of opioids on workplace compensation

A new study from researchers at the Workers Compensation Research Institute in Cambridge, Mass., the Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital in Lebanon, N.H. and the Department of Economics at the University of California, found that patients on opioids receive triple the number of disability benefits than those workers who did not receive disability benefits for similar injuries. There was no link between the benefits of opioids and the time taken to return to work after the injuries. This is because employees who use opioids for an extended period have to be out of work for longer, thus costing employers more. They said that while opioid use cannot be deemed completely unnecessary, there should be careful monitoring over the length of use, as workers with similar injuries returned to work faster when not on opioids in comparison to those on opioids.

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