Do You Have Work-Related Stress or Psychiatric Injury? Ask Yourself These 18 Questions to Find Out

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You have most likely heard how your coworkers complained about being stressed out due to work, or you may be one of those workers who believe that they have work-related stress or psychiatric injury.

Most workers who think they have a work-related psychiatric injury tend to exaggerate the severity of the problem. In fact, in many cases, employees confuse their psychiatric or stress injury with fatigue and tiredness.

But we do not want to keep you in the dark about what truly constitutes work-related stress or psychiatric injury, which is why we invited our Los Angeles workplace injury lawyer from Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach to explain what stressors at work can cause a psychiatric injury.

While it is advised to get a medical evaluation from a professional expert to determine whether or not you have a stress-related or psychiatric injury, you can begin by asking yourself these 18 questions.

So can you actually be eligible to receive workers comp benefits for your psychiatric injury caused by work? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you may be able eligible to pursue a workers compensation claim in California:

  1. Did you start manifesting psychiatric issues or have been stressed out after a traumatic, violent or frightening event in the workplace? And did your employer fail to provide training or offer psychiatric rehabilitation, participation in post-trauma support groups and/or individual counseling after that event?
  2. Have there been significant workplace changes and your employer failed to provide effective communication to warn of the changes in advance?
  3. Have you been unable to voice your concerns about the workplace, if any, because your employer does not have efficient complaint procedures in place?
  4. Have you suffered a physical injury in the workplace, but your employer’s inadequate or improper handling of your case made matters worse and led to a stress-related psychiatric injury?
  5. Have your employer failed to provide you with adequate care and treatment even though he or she has been made aware of your pre-existing mental or stress problem, which may have been caused by certain events or issues at work?
  6. Have your employer failed to provide proper support for you while doing modified duty adjustments and rehabilitation after a work-related physical injury?
  7. Have your employer failed to establish confidential employee assistance programs to help encourage stressed-out employees to get help?
  8. Did your employer set up unrealistic goals for you and other employees?
  9. Have your employer failed to provide the necessary set of tools, resources, equipment and authority to perform assigned duties?
  10. Did your employer fail to give workers an opportunity to complain about certain complications or issues in the workplace?
  11. Have your employer failed to properly assess your job performance and outline the expectations for improving your performance and efficiency in doing your job?
  12. Have your employer failed to reward workers for good job performance?
  13. Have your employer kept you in the dark about whether or not he or she is satisfied with how you work?
  14. Have your employer failed to take the necessary steps to help resolve conflicts between employees in the workplace?
  15. Have your employer failed to resolve and give attention to your complaints about safety concerns, discrimination, and other issues or hazards in the workplace?
  16. Have your employer failed to maintain confidentiality in the workplace?
  17. Have your employer failed to identify and address certain behavior patterns that indicate a stress-related psychiatric injury caused by work?
  18. Have your employer failed to notify employees of any changes to the workplace environment, increase or reduction of workload or pay, changes in supervisors, and other major changes?

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions and have reason to believe that you have a stress-related psychiatric injury caused by work? Consult with our Los Angeles stress-related injuries attorney at Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach by calling at 818-609-7005. Get a free consultation today.

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