Dollar General Cited Again For Workplace Safety Violations


In a prior post, we highlighted how retailer Pier 1 Imports was cited for multiple safety violations, including having merchandise stacked in an unsafe manner, as well as having boxes blocking emergency exits. Not only could these hazards lead to patrons’ injuries, but they could also very well result in employees being injured.

Indeed, Pier 1 is not the only retailer paying fines for its transgressions. A recent report indicates that Dollar General is now subject to fines. Federal workplace safety regulators found blocked exits and materials stacked near electrical panels in multiple stores. Regulators believed that the misplaced materials created significant electrical shock hazards as well as slip and fall hazards.

In fact, OSHA has found more than 100 safety violations at Dollar General stores since 2010. It reportedly has been fined multiple times for these violations. The company released a statement expressing its commitment to providing safe working environments for its employees. While this may be the political correct thing for the company to say, it is still likely that employees may be injured due to unresolved safety issues. After all, when emergencies occur, a blocked exit could spell certain doom for unwitting employees and customers.

When an employee is injured, it is common for workers compensation to be the vehicle for compensation. However, there are some situations where pervasive negligence could also lead to a personal injury (negligence) claim against the employer.

If you have questions about whether your workers comp claim may also lead to a negligence claim, contact an experienced attorney who can advise you.

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