How Employers Deceive Their Employees In Workers Compensation Cases


An on-the-job injury affects not only the injured employee but also his/her employer as well as the financial wellbeing of their company as a whole. It only makes sense that some employers in California may attempt to either dispute or delay your workers compensation claim in order to avoid unwanted headaches.

That is why our Los Angeles on-the-job injury lawyer William Kropach always says: if you have been injured at work and want to recover workers comp benefits, be prepared for a nerve-racking, tedious, and oftentimes unfair process. If you are looking for a way to make it less complicated and increase your chances of recovery, it is highly advised that you seek the legal advice of an experienced lawyer.

Why do some employers deny workers compensation claims?

A workplace injury usually triggers a long and exhaustive chain of processes for employers in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California. Not only do employers have to fill out tons of paperwork and approve or deny your workers compensation coverage, but also notify their insurance company, and think about replacing you while you are recovering. Not to mention that in severe cases, employers have to pay higher insurance premiums after a workplace injury.

So yeah, on-the-job injuries are a complicated and tedious process for both the injured employee and the employer. But in no way does it mean that the employer gets to deny an injured workers compensation claim just because he or she does not want to expose himself/herself to trouble or does not want to risk his/her company’s financial wellbeing.

If a recent workplace injury at Tesla is any indication, workers compensation claims can negatively affect employers, which is why many bad-faith employers may attempt to wriggle out of trouble by deceiving you, or delaying and denying your workers comp claim. And that is where you need to be represented by a Los Angeles on-the-job injuries lawyer from the Law Offices of William Kropach to fight back.

How do employers deceive injured workers?

Generally, employers in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California employ two tactics to deceive their injured workers or deny their workers compensation claims: offering money to bypass the workers comp system and misinterpreting how a workplace injury occurred to deny coverage.

It is not uncommon for employers to approach their injured employees with a seemingly good offer right after the employee notifies the employer about the on-the-job injury. The employer may offer such an employee money and adequate time off from work to recover in exchange for not filing a workers compensation claim.

On the surface, that is usually a pretty good offer: the offered amount of money seems to be enough to cover the medical bills, and time off seems to be long enough to fully recover and return to work. But accepting such an offer is a huge risk, our Los Angeles on-the-job injuries attorney warns.

Here is the thing: if you accept such an offer without consulting with an experienced lawyer, you assume the risk of not being able to file a workers compensation claim later on if anything of the below happens:

  1. Your employer deceives you and does not provide you with the money he/she promised or pays you only a part of that sum of money;
  2. Your employer does not allow you to take the promised time off from work and demands that you return to work before the agreed-upon date;
  3. The agreed-upon amount of money turns out to be insufficient to cover all of the expenses and damages in the aftermath of your workplace injury, and most employers will be reluctant to pay more after you have accepted the initial offer;
  4. You will most likely not be able to pursue a workers compensation claim if you accept your employer’s “generous” offer either because you signed away your rights to workers comp benefits or because of the statute of limitations (you cannot file a workers comp claim if the injury occurred a long time ago).

Before accepting your employer’s offer – however generous it may seem – consult with our attorneys at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, who will estimate the full value of your injuries and damages, and determine whether or not that offer is reasonable and adequate to compensate for your injuries and damages.

Speak to our experienced lawyers during a free consultation. Call our offices at 818-609-7005 or complete this contact form for a free case evaluation.

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