Falls Are A Common Cause Of Construction Workers Accidents

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Those who work in construction frequently face hazards on the job. Falls are a common cause of construction workers accidents and can lead to many types of injuries. California workers who suffer injuries in this way may consider filing workers compensation claims for financial relief. A worker in another state was recently injured in one such fall.

The victim was a contract worker employed by a construction company. The company was contracted to perform work on the upper-level roadway of a bridge under repair. The construction worker was on the bridge’s catwalk at the time of the incident. He fell 15 feet onto a support beam below. It is unclear what caused the man to fall.

Emergency responders from the fire department and transportation authority were able to rescue the victim. He was then taken to a local hospital. The details of his injuries were not released, although reports indicate that he was conscious following the accident.

The victim will likely miss work as he struggles to recover from his injuries. Depending on their severity, he may not be able to return to work for some time. When California employees are injured in construction workers accidents, they typically have the right to file workers compensation claims to combat these losses. Successfully navigated claims usually result in financial relief to help cover the cost of medical bills and lost wages. Experienced workers compensation lawyers could help anyone interested in learning more about these claims by providing more information and assisting in filing the claims.

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