Falls Are Often The Cause Of Construction Workers Accidents


Injuries on the job are certainly not unheard of in the construction industry. One common cause of construction workers accidents is an injury resulting from a fall. Whether caused by precarious locations or faulty equipment, these types of injuries can be serious. A worker has recently become the third employee injured within three months at the construction site of a new building in California.

The accident occurred at the location of a new building owned by the Facebook corporation. Authorities stated that a worker on the fourth floor fell when the steel framing he stepped on partially dislodged. The man fell to nearly the third floor, but he was stopped by his safety harness and rigging before touching down.

Before the local fire department arrived to assist, fellow construction workers released the man from the rigging and lowered him to the floor. The worker had suffered bruising and abrasions in his fall. Firefighters worked to immobilize him in an effort to protect his spine before he was taken to an area trauma center.

When serious injuries occur on the job, those suffering from construction workers accidents may consider filing for workers compensation. When this type of claim is successful, individuals who file are then able to receive monetary damages that can help pay for medical bills and cover any lost wages an employee may incur over the course of their recovery. Anyone interested in learning more about this type of claim could contact an experienced workers compensation attorney to obtain more information.

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