How Employers Can Prevent Workplace Accidents


The saying “an ounce of protection means a pound of cure” should be more than just an inspirational safety adage. It should be the blueprint for how employers work to prevent injuries and accidents involving employees.

After all, fatal accidents in the workplace are commonly caused by falls or foreign objects striking workers. Further, workers in the manufacturing and construction industries are particularly susceptible to such accidents. Nevertheless, construction companies and manufacturers can take immediate steps to avoid these maladies. This post will highlight a few.

Encourage communication: By conducting regular and productive safety meetings, employers can recognize and encourage discussion on identifying and correcting workplace hazards.

Encourage reporting of hazards: Employers can encourage accident prevention measures by rewarding those who report workplace hazards.

Pay attention to vulnerable workers: Not every worker will be confident about speaking up about workplace dangers; especially those who are not fluent in English or those afraid of being fired. By encouraging those who may have important information to share, an accident may be avoided.

Make the pledge: By promising to work closely with employees to maintain safety standards, a team effort can be made to make the workplace safe.

Indeed, taking these steps is not always easy, and workers and employers may not always agree on the best ways to achieve these goals. But having the conversations are important to get the process started. If, as an employee, you have concerns about your rights to workers compensation benefits after a workplace accident, an experienced Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer can advise you.

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