Injured Employees Could Benefit From Workers Compensation


There are many ways California employees could find themselves injured on the job. Whether from falls, malfunctioning equipment, or other factors, these injuries can cause serious problems for employees. When this occurs, workers may consider filing workers compensation claims to assist them throughout recovery. Two employees in another state may file claims after they were recently injured while working on a waterline.

The two workers, who are employed with a company contracted to do work for a city, we’re conducting an air pressure test on a new waterline when the accident occurred. Officials stated that the pressure within the waterline was high, which led to an explosion. It is unclear what caused the pressure to be so high at the time of the incident.

When the line exploded, both men working on it were injured. One of the men reportedly suffered severe injuries and needed resuscitation following the accident. The other worker only suffered minor injuries. The two were taken to an area hospital to be treated, but their current status was not revealed by authorities.

In addition to the medical bills these two workers will now face, they may also lose wages while they recover. If they file individual workers compensation claims, they may be able to receive monetary damages if their claims are successful. They could then use those damages to pay for medical bills and cover their lost wages. Any California residents injured while working could consult experienced workers compensation lawyers to learn more about filing these types of claims.

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