Injured Under The Mistletoe


Another year almost finished and we look forward to that workplace holiday party! It is time to celebrate our achievements and just have fun with coworkers. But too much eggnog can get you into trouble. If you are injured in the course of your workplace holiday party, you should be covered by your employer’s workers compensation insurance. Contact a workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles, California if you have been injured while preparing for the holidays or in the middle of your office holiday celebration    

When employees are injured at the party or on their way home from the party, workers comp should cover those damages, including medical costs and lost income. However, if the employee joins another party, the employer is no longer responsible for injuries suffered at other holiday festivities.  

Most common holiday injuries

  • Decoration injuries: These are the most commonly reported holiday injuries. From lifting heavy items to falling from ladders to faulty lights or dangerous ornaments, it can be too dangerous. Stay safe.
  • Slip and falls: People tend to fall and get hurt during the holidays. About 6,000 people fall hanging holiday decorations every year. The best way to avoid this dangerous scenario is to choose the right ladder and familiarize yourself with it. Ask someone to help you keep the ladder steady.
  • Vehicle accidents: Although car accidents can happen anytime, they tend to increase during the holidays. People are rushing to finish their holiday shopping or complete other important tasks.  But the most common cause of holiday car accidents is people driving under the influence after a holiday party, including workplace events. While individuals in their early twenties have the highest risk of such accidents, it can happen to anyone, notwithstanding their age or background.
  • Electrical shock: Many people like to set up their holiday lights early but some may not do it right. Too many old wires or cords into one socket may cause an electrical fire. Keep your hands dry and use a wooden ladder. A metal ladder will conduct electricity.
  • Struck by object: This is the leading cause of many injuries during the holiday season resulting in an ER visit.
  • Burn injuries: Candles are part of the holiday tradition but they can be dangerous too. According to the National Safety Council, half of the home fires occur during the holidays with the top three days, Christmas Eve, Christmas,  and New Year’s Day.
  • Drinking: It is tempting having a few drinks before starting your decoration project. But it is best to decorate when you are sober. Also, if you drink too much during your holiday party, don’t drive.

Don’t ruin your holiday festivities with a  trip to the hospital. If you find yourself in the hospital ER room this holiday, we are here for you. Contact one of our talented Los Angeles workers comp lawyers today and schedule your initial case evaluation. We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

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