Is Retail Work The Most Dangerous For Employees?


Nobody should have to worry about getting hurt when they go to work. However, workplace accidents happen regularly, and employees who are hurt on the job should be able to secure the compensation they are entitled to. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to help if you are hurt at work. Today our Los Angeles work injury attorneys want to discuss a recent report then retail workers may face more risks than factory workers. 

Work injuries are a common occurrence

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were approximately 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported over the course of the latest reporting year. When most people think of injuries in the workplace, they think of high-risk occupations like construction, fisherman, logging, and transportation. While those industries do have a fair share of fatal and non-fatal incidents each year, new research indicates that retail workers may face more risk of injury than anyone else. 

As the holiday season shopping continues in high gear, we are learning that employees at shopping malls in other retail outlets or more likely to get sick or injured during the holiday season. From the previous year, retail was the only industry in the US with a meaningful uptick and injuries and illnesses during this time of year. 

The BLS reports that 3.5 out of every 100 retail workers suffered an injury or illness last year. Workers in manufacturing, a traditionally dangerous job, saw 3.4 worker injuries out of every 100 workers in the same time period. 

Some of the most common injuries associated with retail work include:

  • Sprains 
  • Tears 
  • General soreness 
  • Overexertion 
  • Lacerations 
  • Fractures 

These injuries are more prevalent during the holidays. This may not be good news for workers, especially with forecasts pointing to a record holiday shopping season for 2019. 

Some of the riskiest types of stores to work in for retail employees include those that sell used merchandise and building material, supercenters, tire dealers, and home furnishings. 

Retail workers also have a higher risk of sustaining repetitive stress injuries. These injuries tend to develop over longer periods of time when a worker has to repeat the same motions over and over again. Those suffering from repetitive stress injuries are often denied workers’ compensation coverage because they are harder to pinpoint on having occurred in the workplace. 

We can help after your workplace injury

If you or somebody you care about has been injured on the job, you may need to seek legal assistance in order to secure the compensation you deserve. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, we are dedicated to helping injured workers fight against aggressive insurance carriers and employers. Our goal is to secure coverage of all medical expenses related to your work injury as well as the recovery of lost wages. When you need a Los Angeles work injury attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 818-609-7005.


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