LAPD May Not Be Following Workers Comp Rules

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Under California law, if you get injured at work or become ill due to working conditions, you will normally be entitled to receive payment through the workers compensation scheme. This scheme has been developed to ease the financial pressure which can be caused by being unable to work, as well as helping you to access quality medical care quickly. As good as the workers comp scheme can be, you may find that your employer or their insurance company denies a valid claim. If that happens, you can get help from a workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles, CA.

Denied a valid workers compensation claim?

If you have been denied workers compensation for a claim which was perfectly valid, you’re in good company. According to recent reports, LAPD may not be following workers comp rules, sending a disproportionately, and continually increasing, number of claims for review. While 95% of LAPD claims are granted without any issue, the remaining police officers are apparently being forced to return to work before they’ve fully recovered, comprising the safety of the public, as well as their own health.

Additionally, officers who are unable to work and cannot access treatment as quickly as they should, reduce the numbers of officers on the job and, therefore, the effectiveness of the force. The police union is currently attempting to encourage LAPD to implement an alternative method of dealing with disputes, which could significantly reduce the time taken to handle the disputes and the effect they have.

Common reasons for workers compensation claims

Workers compensation claims may be raised for any of a number of workplace injuries and, in the case of some LAPD officers, relate to spending years running and jumping while carrying heavy police equipment. Slips, trips, and job-related injuries are also common amongst police officers, who tend to work in a volatile environment more than most of us may.

Outside of policing, workers compensation claims are most commonly associated with injuries such as:

  • Overexertion, or pulling a muscle while moving heavy items
  • Slips and falls caused by wet underfoot surfaces, debris, loose flooring and other issues
  • Being struck by an object falling from, for example, shelving
  • Being involved in a road accident in a work vehicle, or during working hours
  • Machinery-related injuries

Any of these injuries can occur with varying levels of severity and need for medical care and treatment.

Entrust your case to a Los Angeles workers compensation attorney

The quality medical treatment doesn’t come cheap, nor do any pain meds you may need to take due to your workplace injury. Add to this the fact that you’re not earning while you’re out of work, and you may have a significant problem.

You should claim workers compensation as soon as possible after being injured and, if it is denied, seek assistance from an experienced attorney specializing in this field. To arrange an assessment of your workers compensation case, call our office on 818-609-7005. Our lawyers are dedicated to resolving your workers compensation claim and any associated problems.

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