Number Of Workplace Injuries And Illnesses In California

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People in California work to make money for themselves and their families. They rely on these jobs to pay for housing, food, clothes, car payments, utilities, other bills, and recreational activities. So, if a person is hurt in a workplace accident and cannot work, it can be devastating. Losing that income can make life difficult for the worker and their family.

Unfortunately, this occurred for many workers in California in 2014. Last year, 460,700 people in California suffered an injury at work or an occupational-related illness. Of those 460,700 people, 265,100 missed time at work, had restrictions afterward, or were transferred. These workplace injuries occurred in many different types of occupations as well. Twenty-eight thousand one hundred people were injured in construction, 39,400 were injured in manufacturing, 267,600 were wounded in service-providing industries, and many others were hurt in other professions.

These injuries can be very costly for the victim. The person may incur expensive medical bills in addition to not being able to work and make money. So, medical bills can become a serious issue in addition to figuring out how to pay the monthly bills. Luckily, if the person was injured at work, they may be entitled to compensation through workers’ compensation benefits. These can pay for the medical bills and will pay the person’s income for some time.

As one can see from the statistics above, many people in California are hurt each year at work. While the injuries can be complicated and costly, the victim may be entitled to compensation for the injuries through workers’ compensation benefits. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of workplace accidents and may be able to help one become whole again.

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