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Getting hurt at work can change your life forever. From continuous stress and painful injuries to many other conditions, the aftermath of a work accident can be life-altering requiring ongoing treatment and a long recovery process. Some of these victims may not realize that they are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits, and they don’t know what steps to take in order to receive these benefits.

If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness in Los Angeles, it is important you learn your rights and the obstacles to obtaining compensation. Form the workers comp insurance. A workers comp attorney in Los Angeles can help you navigate your claim and provide the representation you need. There are times when employers fail to file a workers compensation claim or perhaps the victim doesn’t receive all the benefits he or she is entitled to receive. Disabled workers have to endure a lot of pain and hardship therefore they should receive a fair amount to compensate for all their losses.

Some obstacles you may face

There are often some obstacles to obtaining workers compensation. Sometimes the insurance stops paying when the disabled worker may still need care. There are also other issues victims may face when attempting to go back to work such as dealing with an angry employer who may not want to accommodate the employee’s needs. Sometimes employers believe the worker is not ready to go back, even after full recovery. These and many other obstacles are difficult to confront if you don’t take the right legal route.

When the benefits are too low

This is a common scenario. An employee may not receive reimbursement for all the medical expenses, lost income during the time he or she was disabled. Workers compensation should cover both individuals with a temporary or permanent disability. A doctor must first determine the degree of disability. However, doctors hired by these insurance companies may not decide the right benefit amount. If you disagree with the amount of workers comp you have received, it is important you provide clear and convincing evidence to prove your case with the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Returning to work too soon

Doctors approved by the insurance company will also determine when you are able to go back to work and your workers comp benefits will eventually end. If you feel that you are not ready to perform the workload, you should consult your attorney and challenge the doctors’ orders.

Getting help with your claim

We can help you eliminate the burden of figuring out the best course of action. Many times workers feel disoriented. It’s very difficult to overcome the obstacles of workplace injuries on your own. If you would like to speak to one of our Los Angeles workers comp lawyers, call us today and schedule a private consultation. We are ready to handle all the aspects of your claim.

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