Orthopedic Injuries And Tendon Or Ligament Damage At Work: How To Get Workers Comp Benefits?


An orthopedic injury is one of the most common bases for a workers compensation claim in Los Angeles and all across California. That is because such orthopedic injuries as tendon and ligament injuries are caused by bad posture, overuse, repetitive movements, and excess force, all of which can be encountered in a workers everyday work duties.

Tendon and ligament injuries, which can trigger such medical conditions as repetitive strain injury (RSI) and tendonitis, cause swelling and a tremendous amount of pain, especially when tendons, ligaments, and joints are torn, pulled, or stretched on the job. Today, we invited our Los Angeles orthopedic injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach to discuss this type of workplace injury.

Effects and symptoms of tendon and ligament injuries

Besides pain, these are the most common effects that injured workers may face after the damage has been done to their tendons or ligaments:

  • Serious swelling;
  • Painful bruising;
  • Burning sensation, numbness or any other discomfort;
  • The significant amount of pain;
  • Diminished ability to move the body part where the tendons or ligaments were injured.

What to do if you have an orthopedic injury?

All of these effects of orthopedic injuries make it impossible for an injured worker to perform his or her work duties efficiently, which is why the work will require a certain period of time to recover and return to work. “That is why you should not hesitate to pursue workers compensation benefits in case of damage to your tendons or ligaments at work,” our orthopedic injury attorney in Los Angeles says. “You may need weeks or months to fully heal, as ignoring tendon or ligament damage or pain can result in temporary or permanent disability.”

Given that orthopedic injuries cause an incredible deal of physical and mental distress, it is highly advised to seek medical attention and file a workers compensation claim in order to take time off work and focus on your recovery. Do not let your orthopedic injuries run their course.

How orthopedic injuries can affect your work

Our best workers compensation attorneys in California warn that tendon or ligament damage can significantly diminish your earning capacity, which is something neither you nor your employer is interested in. Poor job performance and inability to perform certain physically demanding tasks can be both frustrating and inconvenient.

Not only are orthopedic injuries an inconvenience, but also an unbearable financial undertaking. Tendon or ligament damage at work may cause financial hardship, as this type of workplace injuries requires a laundry list of medical expenses, including but not limited to physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory painkillers, antibiotics, surgery, and others.

How are these orthopedic injuries caused at work?

Orthopedic injuries such as tendon or ligament damage can be caused by any of the following workplace accidents:

  • Slip and fall accidents at work;
  • Lifting heavy objects or lifting something with improper form;
  • Repetitive motion (performing the same task, and engaging the same muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons over and over again);
  • Keeping a bad posture for a certain period of time;
  • Overuse injuries such as wrist fractures, ankle sprains, shoulder dislocations, and others.

You may be entitled to workers compensation benefits if your orthopedic injury occurred in the workplace (while you were performing your job duties) or is caused/aggravated by your duties or workplace conditions.

Here at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, we understand the importance of helping you collect workers compensation benefits while you focus on your recovery. You may be entitled to make a claim for medical expenses, loss of wages and earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Consult with our Los Angeles orthopedic injury attorney to get a free consultation about your case. Call at 818-609-7005 or complete this contact form.

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