Reporting Orthopedic Injury At Work: How to Make Your Employer Pay Workers Compensation in Two Steps

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Did you know that orthopedic complaints are the most common reason why people seek medical help in Los Angeles and all across the U.S.?

Fact: one in seven U.S. people has an orthopedic impairment.

Whether you’re a plumber or a surgeon, you face a risk of orthopedic injury when you come to work every day. This type of injury usually occurs when people perform repetitive movements that lead to damage.

The most common body parts that are affected by orthopedic Injuries are foot, ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and spine.

Getting diagnosed with an orthopedic injury almost always means weeks or even months of recovery at home with no ability to get back to work. That’s why getting workers compensation if you suffer a workplace orthopedic injury is vital to get back on your feet as soon as possible with minimum damage to your household income.

Step 1: How to report an orthopedic injury at work?

More often than not, victims of orthopedic injuries in the workplace either don’t report these injuries in a timely manner or continue working despite the physical pain and discomfort – which often leads to an even more dangerous injury that may be more difficult to treat.

If you fail to report an orthopedic injury at work properly and in a timely manner, not only do you risk not getting compensation but also risk losing your job and having no means to provide for your family, warns a Los Angeles orthopedic injury attorney at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach.

Some workers who suffer workplace-related orthopedic injuries choose not to report their injuries as they don’t want to waste a tremendous amount of time dealing with paperwork and endless calls from insurance companies. That’s why hiring an orthopedic injury lawyer who would jump through bureaucratic hoops instead of you may be the best solution for most workers. In fact, proving that the orthopedic injury took place at work may not be possible without seeking the legal advice of a skilled workers compensation lawyer.

When filing an orthopedic injury complaint, most employers will require workers to have documented evidence that the injury was work-related and was sustained while performing the job. Also, your physician would need to determine whether or not you will be able to fully recover and get back to work (and when that might happen).

Step 2: How to get compensated for workplace orthopedic injuries?

Our orthopedic injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, a reputable Los Angeles law firm that has helped obtain five- to eight-figure compensations for workers who suffered workplace-related injuries, explains that workers compensation is fully funded by your employer.

The workers compensation for orthopedic injuries usually comes in the form of weekly cash benefits as well as payment for medical bills. The compensation is funded either by the employer or the company’s insurance company. It’s vital that you notify your employer about the incident that led to an orthopedic injury within 30 days of getting injured. The sooner you seek medical help and have your injuries documented, the better the chance to get reasonable compensation for your injuries.

Also, it’s imperative to write a statement documenting the incident as well as the injuries based on the medical diagnosis. Only an experienced Los Angeles orthopedic injury attorney can help file a workers compensation claim in your best interests.

Our attorneys will help you navigate the process, as our priority is not only to get you back on your feet as soon as possible but also ensure that your job capacity is not affected and your employer provides you with the full workers compensation.

Consult our orthopedic injury lawyer to find out your best course of action when filing a workers compensation complaint, documenting the incident, and making calls to your insurance company.

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