Key Questions To Ask When Interviewing Workers Comp Attorneys


In a perfect world, an employer would provide continual pay and benefits to an injured worker and continue to do so while the employee recovers. For those workers who are seriously injured, an employer would continue to provide benefits and even would allow the worker to perform other, less physically intense jobs that suit their new reality.

However, we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes legal action is required to protect injured workers rights to workers comp benefits. But if you don’t know any lawyers and get a number of referrals, how can you choose the right one for you?

With that, this post will focus on a few questions that you should ask before hiring an attorney.

What is your experience handling work comp cases like mine?: Of course, you will want to know the extent of the attorney’s experience with workers compensation cases. Indeed, every case is different, but knowing the extent of the attorney’s experience can be helpful.

How much is your practice dedicated to workers comp?: Indeed, a number of attorneys who take workers comp cases also handle personal injury cases. But knowing how much an attorney’s practice is dedicated to working comp will help in determining whether an attorney is a specialist or has the right experience for your case.

Are there major issues I should be aware of?: A workers compensation attorney should be able to help you understand some of the issues that can arise (such as previous injuries, misstatements to physicians, IMEs) that could delay your case.

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