4 Reasons Why Seeking Workers Comp For Stress-Related Injuries Is a Good Idea

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Wait for what? Seeking workers compensation for stress-related injuries caused by your work? Is this even possible?” you may wonder.

The mere notion of workplace stress-related injuries being compensable under California workers compensation laws may seem absurd, but filing a workers comp claim to obtain benefits from your employer might actually be a good idea.

Our Los Angeles stress-related injury attorney is going to give you four compelling reasons why you SHOULD cite stress as the primary source of your emotional or physical injuries/disabilities in order to get compensated and receive lost wages and loss of earning capacity (as well as recover medical bills).

4 reasons why you should get compensation for stress-related injuries

  1. If you are not sure whether or not it is possible to hold your employer liable for your on-the-job injuries caused by stress, let’s look at the statistics. According to Health and Safety Executive, more than 12 million working days are lost due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety each year across the United States. And that figure is growing at an exponential rate every year.
  2. State laws regarding workers compensation put more weight into claims stemming from work-related stress injuries, illnesses, and trauma. Particularly, California has the most employee-friendly laws when it comes to helping obtain workers compensation benefits for stress-related injuries and disabilities. According to the California labor code, any injuries caused by “repetitive mentally or physically traumatic activities extending over a period of time” make the injured employee eligible to receive workers compensation, but only when the combined effect of these factors causes and injuries or illnesses or require medical treatment.
  3. Increasingly, studies across the world recognize the direct link between workplace stress and such serious illnesses and disease as heart disease, weak immunity, depression, hypertension, suicidal tendencies, and many others. If you have a skilled Los Angeles stress-related injury lawyer by your side, you can prove that your illness or trauma was caused by workplace stress.
  4. An increasing number of employees say their jobs are stressful. According to one survey, a third of all workers in our country say their jobs are “very stressful,” while over 60% said their work is “somewhat stressful.”

Get workers compensation for workplace stress

Stress-related injuries are compensable under California’s workers compensation laws when this type of injuries is caused by the employee’s work activities or work environment and affects the employee for a prolonged period of time.

Failure to recognize signs of workplace stress may lead to devastating consequences. Sadly but true, in the vast majority of cases, employees struggling with stress, depression or anxiety, seek professional help or start taking medication when it is already too late.

Needless to say, stress-related injuries and mental illnesses are rather difficult to treat and require a huge amount of money in medical expenses. Not all employees in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California can afford those. But seeking workers compensation can help you recover and get compensated for your medical bills and any days missed due to your stress-related injuries.

Stress at work is not something you should be fooling around with. Seek the legal advice of our best stress-related injuries lawyers in Los Angeles, CA. Contact the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach to get a free consultation today. Call our offices at 818-609-7005 or complete this contact form for a free case evaluation.

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