Reporting an Injury Suffered on the Job

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Being injured on the job is scary. You will likely begin thinking about how much time you will miss and if your employer will hold your job while you are laid up recovering. This is normal to go through such a thought process. One thing you should never forget is that you need to report any injury suffered on the job immediately. This goes for the most minor of injuries too, not just serious injuries. Our Los Angeles on the job injury attorney has some important information for you regarding the reporting of an injury suffered on the job.

Quick reporting is key

Workers compensation benefits cannot be paid unless you report the injury and file the proper paperwork. With that being said, you need to report the injury suffered on the job quickly. California has a deadline for reporting an injury at work. If you report the injury after the deadline your claim for workers compensation benefits will likely be denied. The deadline in the state is 30 days from the date of the injury.

Seeking medical care

No matter the severity of the injury, you need to seek medical care immediately. If the injury is serious you can go anywhere for care, including a hospital. If the injury was not serious, you might have to see a doctor from the network chosen by your company or the company’s insurer. If this is the case, make sure you use a doctor from the network provided by your employer or you could risk losing out on benefits.

Completing form DWC-1

After you inform your employer of the injury suffered on the job you will be sent Form DWC-1 within one business day of the report. This is the workers compensation claim form that must be completed in order to receive benefits. Your employer should also provide information that explains your rights, your eligibility for benefits, the steps you need to take to acquire benefits, and any other information you might need for the claims process.

Make sure you complete the entire employee section of Form DWC-1. This includes listing every single body part that was injured in the accident. Once you are done filling out the form you can hand it to your employer or mail it to them via certified mail. The employer will then complete their section, sign it, and send a copy to you. The employer will then submit the form to their insurance company.

Waiting for approval

After the form has been submitted to the employer’s insurance company it must be preliminarily approved as an investigation by the insurer is launched about the claim. The insurer will be responsible for paying up to $10,000 in medical bills as it determines if the claim is valid or not. If the claim is denied by the insurer after 90 days then the claim is automatically approved.

Were you injured on the job in California? It is in your best interest to call our Los Angeles on the job injury lawyer to discuss your situation and have your workers compensation questions answered. Call the office at 818-609-7005 to schedule a consultation.

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