Restaurant Workers Are At Risk Of Slip-and-fall Accidents

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People who work in restaurants usually count on being able to work every shift so that they can make the money they need to earn. When restaurant workers are injured on the job, they have to scramble to make ends meet.

There are some specific safety issues that restaurant workers face. Employers need to ensure that the restaurant is safe for all workers. When this doesn’t happen, the workers face risks like being involved in a slip-and-fall accident. Here are some ways that these accidents can be prevented.

Choose the right shoes

Nonslip shoes are critical in restaurants. Even with the best of care, floors can still be slippery. Many restaurants require workers to have nonslip shoes, or tread safe shoes, when they are at work. While this is a good safety measure, it isn’t the only thing that must be done to prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the kitchen and other back-of-the-house areas.

Pay attention to floor cleaner instructions

Floor cleaners are soapy and very slick. Those who clean the floor must ensure that they follow the instructions on the bottle. Using more chemicals than necessary can make the floors very slippery, even after they are dry. Making sure that the proper cleaners are used is also imperative because some cleaners aren’t safe to use on floors.

Use wet floor signs

Wet floor signs can help workers to know where they need to use more caution than normal. These signs should be placed as soon as the spill occurs or the wet spot is noticeable. As soon as the area is dry, the sign must be removed so that people don’t get accustomed to seeing the sign in place.

Place non-slip tape or coating on the floor

Nonslip coatings on the floors can help to prevent people from slipping. Special tapes are also available when a full floor coating isn’t possible. These options can help to increase the traction on the floors. Many are rated for wet spaces, such as in the coolers or freezer. The floors must still be properly maintained.

Keep the floors clean

Spills, even those that aren’t wet, must be cleaned up immediately. It is possible to slip on crumbs, so it is crucial that proper cleanup takes place as soon as there is a spill. Some workers might balk at this, but it is imperative for safety reasons. Prompt cleanup when the spill is wet is also important, especially if the liquid was oily.

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