Serious Injuries May Result From Construction Accidents


Construction work in California and around the country can be dangerous for many different reasons. Accidents may result from equipment failures, lack of proper safety precautions, or even simple mistakes. When such accidents occur, those involved could suffer serious injuries. One worker recently lost his life in a mishap with a cement saw.

The man was working to remove an in-ground pool at the time of the incident. Neighbors said that the renovation had been in progress for about two weeks. Officials said that he was using a portable saw to cut through the cement of the pool when he lost control of it and the saw kicked up. Tragically, the saw cut his throat and he died at the scene.

It is unknown what caused the worker to lose control of the saw. The local branch of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is currently investigating the construction accident. Should the investigation uncover something wrong with the position the worker was in, the company he worked for may face violations and fines.

The loss of a loved one is tragic, especially in such unexpected circumstances. In addition to the grief the family must face, they may also experience unanticipated financial problems as well. To help deal with this, they may choose to file for workers compensation on behalf of their deceased loved one. When successful, these types of claims can provide monetary relief that can be used to pay for medical bills, funeral costs, and any other related expenses. Anyone who has suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one while on the job could consult an experienced workplace injury attorney in Los Angeles, CA for information and assistance.

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