Serious Workplace Injuries Lead To Fatalities For 4 Employees


When California workers are fatally injured on the job, their families may face an unexpected financial burden in addition to the emotional toil they will likely experience. Many in this situation may not know where to turn. Luckily, those who have lost family members due to workplace injuries may be able to file workers compensation claims on behalf of their deceased loved ones to help deal with the aftermath of the accident. Several families in another state may consider filing after four men lost their lives in an industrial accident.

Officials from the company stated that one of their tanks had been blocked by slag, the material produced by burning coal. The four men were attempting to clear the slag out of the tank. Unfortunately, hot molten slag, measuring about six inches deep, came out of the tank instead, causing severe injuries.

All four men working on the tank suffered injuries. Three of the men died shortly after the accident occurred on June 29. The fourth man survived until the following Saturday when he passed away. Officials from the company stated that they are conducting a complex investigation into the cause of the accident and working to prevent anything similar from happening in the future.

Though nothing will replace the lives lost in this tragedy, the victims’ families may find some closure through filing workers compensation claims. If successful, these claims could provide monetary damages to the families that could help them pay for funeral costs and cover any loss of wages. Any family who has lost a loved one due to workplace injuries could consult an experienced attorney to obtain more information.

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