Severe Workplace Accidents May Result In Fatalities


Those in professions involving manual labor are often at greater risk of injury than those who perform less strenuous work. Though some of these injuries are minimal, more serious incidents may lead to fatalities. Whenever employees are killed in workplace accidents, their families are entitled to file for survivors’ benefits. One family may choose to file after a California vineyard worker was killed in a loading accident.

According to authorities, the man was attempting to load a forklift onto a trailer. During this process, the truck and attached trailer began to slide and eventually jack knifed. The worker attempted to exit the vehicle and became pinned between the truck and the trailer.

Multiple agencies responded to the accident, including the fire department, California Highway Patrol, and members of American Medical Response. Though rescuers were able to extract the victim’s body from the wreckage, he sadly passed away from his injuries. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has since been notified of the incident.

Had the victim survived his injuries, he could have been entitled to file for workers compensation. However, his surviving family could still file a claim for death benefits on his behalf. When successful, such claims can provide monetary benefits that can be used to pay for funeral costs and other related expenses. Anyone injured at work or those who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents have every right to consult experienced California workers compensation lawyers to learn more and to obtain assistance in filing these types of claims.

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