Spotting the Warning Signs of Orthopedic Injuries


Orthopedic injuries are quite common in the workplace, especially if you routinely stand, walk, or lift items. These injuries could lead to surgery, rehabilitation, and quite a lot of time out of work. You never know when you might suffer such an injury but you can be on the lookout for the signs associated with injuries to the hip, shoulder, elbow, wrists, and hands. Our Los Angeles orthopedic injury attorney would like to share the warning signs of orthopedic injuries.

Limited range of motion

One of the most common sign of an orthopedic injury is that you have limited range of motion. This can occur with just about any joint in the body. It most notably happens with the elbows, shoulders, wrists, and knees. If you’ve notice difficulty bending your arm, your knees, or rotating your arms at the shoulder, you could have an orthopedic injury.

Everyday activities become difficult

Everyday activities such as typing, lifting lightweight items, walking the dog, climbing the stairs and going for a run become more difficult when you have orthopedic injuries. These injuries can also cause problems with routine activities at work. You might have trouble sitting for prolonged periods at your desk, lifting items in the warehouse, writing with a pen or typing on a keyboard and much more.

Instability on your feet

Someone who struggles with instability on their feet, either while walking or standing still, could be suffering from an orthopedic injury. Anyone who has trouble balancing or who feels wobbly while walking, standing, or sitting could have issues with their waist or other joint areas of the body that are used for these activities.

Pain has become chronic

There’s a difference between having joint pain and having chronic joint pain. If your pain has become chronic, it means it is constant and causes an annoyance in your life. Chronic pain lasts a long time, for more than 12 weeks. If any of your joints are causing you pain and it’s been more than just a couple of days, it’s time to see a doctor for an exam.

Soft tissue injury that hasn’t healed

Injuries to the soft tissue in your body can lead to severe issues if they do not heal properly. Soft tissue injuries should heal on their own within 48 hours. If they don’t, you could have further complications to deal with, including pain radiating to nearby joints. Soft tissue injuries include sprained ankles, sprained wrists, a twisted knee, sprained fingers, stretched calf muscles and much more.

Inability to raise an arm

The inability to raise your arm over your head is a clear indicator of an orthopedic injury. A stiff shoulder or one that feels as if it is going to pop out of its socket will is a serious injury. If you are experiencing pain at night or when you are at rest you need to seek medical care from an orthopedic doctor immediately.

Have you suffered an orthopedic injury due to repetitive activities on the job? It’s in your best interest to contact our Los Angeles orthopedic injury lawyer to discuss your injuries and determine if you have a case. You can call the office at 818-609-7005 to schedule a consultation today.

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