Basic Steps For Preventing Scaffolding Injuries


With the commercial construction boom in Southern California expected to continue, it is increasingly important for builders to know and observe safety rules regarding scaffolds. Essentially, a trained, competent person must supervise workers who are completing projects while on scaffolds.

While scaffolding is inherently dangerous, it is surprising how many people do not know how easy is for workers to be seriously injured in a fall. For example, a 200 pound man falling from a height of only six feet produces 1200 pounds of force. This amount alone could cause serious injuries. For every foot higher that a worker is completing a project, the greater the likelihood that a serious injury may occur.

As such, a construction site supervisor should do the following:

Be active while on the site: The supervisor should be in the line of sight of any activity being conducted while on a scaffold. This includes the erection, alteration or dismantling of a scaffold.

Complete a full inspection of the scaffolding: Before work begins, the supervisor must inspect all scaffolding to ensure that it is not wobbly, or leaning to one side. This includes inspection of fixtures that may be rusty, cracked or worn.

Ensure guardrails are properly installed: In the same vein, the all important guardrails must be properly placed. If they are not, place the scaffold out of order until the guardrails are replaced.

Use safety belts: On scaffolds that are 10 feet or higher above the ground, workers must use lanyards and safety belts.

If a supervisor ignores these guidelines, it could set the construction company up for OSHA violations.

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