Steps to Take if You Are Injured on the Job

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Being injured on the job can throw a wrench into your ability to complete your work in an efficient manner—or sometimes, the injury is so severe that you can’t work at all. Every injured worker should be aware of what steps to take if they sustain an injury while at work. The California Department of Industrial Relations has published information to help guide injured workers through the process of reporting their injuries, seeking treatment, and filing workers compensation claims if need be.

Tell your boss about your injury

When you get hurt at work, it’s crucial that you inform your boss about your injury as soon as it occurs—or as soon as you notice it. While a compound fracture is an obvious and acutely painful injury it would be hard to notice, some other forms of workplace injury can be more subtle, such as repetitive motion injuries. Don’t brush off more chronic forms of injury such as these—tell your supervisor as soon as you can. According to data made available by the California Department of Industrial Relations, if you fail to report your injury within 30 days of its occurrence, you could waive your right to file a workers compensation claim and miss out on employer-provided medical care.

Get medical attention for your injury

Seek treatment for your injury as soon as you can after the injury has taken place. Go to the emergency room or to an urgent care facility if need be, or inform your primary care doctor of a suspected chronic injury so he or she can refer you to the appropriate medical specialist and you can begin to receive the medical care you need at the earliest opportunity.

Document your injury and expenses related to it

Document your injury—what caused it, what events led up to it, and photos of the injury, if applicable. Also keep a record of all expenses you have had as a result of the injury, such as medical bills or loss of wages. These documents could prove helpful if you take your employer to court following your on the job injury.

File a workers compensation claim

Ask your employer for a workers comp claim form. Filling out this form and returning it to your employer will file your claim and open your workers comp case. You may be entitled to benefits under workers compensation such as medical care or disability payments depending on the type and extent of your work-related injury. However, be advised that your employer may choose to dispute your claim. If this happens, you may want to talk to an attorney about your legal rights.

Consider getting legal help

If you have been hurt at work and want to explore your legal options—especially if your employer is disputing your workers compensation claim—the legal experts at Kropach and Kropach want to help. With more than four decades of combined experience specializing in workers compensation law, the staff at Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach are the top choice of people who need an on the job injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA.

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