Wearing Down the Worker

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We like to ask children what they want to be when they grow up, all the time. Most commonly we hear them restate jobs their parents have or they say things like the policeman, firemen, ballerinas, or doctors. They can see these jobs. They see them reflected in their toys or in their TV shows. These answers are usually dependent on what the child is watching or playing with on the day you ask. As a society, we pressure children all the way up into college with the same question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Older adults will tell you that sometimes you never find what you want to be. Sometimes you just keep transitioning from job to job or sometimes your circumstance dictates that you need to be comfortable with a job that you have. However, we don’t tell our children about the risks that are involved when they choose certain jobs.

Some of the riskiest jobs in the United States are pretty common jobs; meaning, that even though a child says an astronaut they may really end up in jobs like these:

  1. Logging workers: The most common injury is being struck by an object. These workers are located outdoors and in remote areas where it is hard for medical aid to reach them.
  2. Fishing workers: Like loggers, they also work in remote areas where it is hard for immediate medical aid. Their exposure to the natural elements put them at more risk too
  3. Roofers: This is a very common job. The median salary is good, but the job requires a lot of physical energy like bending, kneeling, climbing, and heavy lifting.
  4. Truck drivers: This profession deals with driving accidents on the daily. Whether a heavy or light load, their road can be an unpredictable place even though this is a very predictable job.
  5. Grounds Maintenance: Due to the physical demands of this profession, much like the ones stated above, the risk of injury isn’t just common but expected at some point.

It’s important to understand the risk of your job because if an injury occurs then it is the responsibility of you and your employer to file workers compensation. You want to do this because your job is aware of the risks. Your employment is aware that you are putting your body and health on the line for their benefit. This is also why you need a good lawyer on your side. Your employment needs you, but sometimes when a worker gets injured they act as if they don’t.

Why hire an Attorney?

Our workers comp attorneys in California at the Law Offices of Kropach and Kropach in Los Angeles want you to know that they are here for you. We know your job is important and your family is depending on your health. We work with injuries from loss of hearing to repetitive motion injury to stress-related injuries. We know the dedication and precision needed to document and investigate your situation. Our attorney has the resources and education needed to get your claim in the right shape. Don’t sweat this paperwork while you are trying to recover. Give us a call at 818-609-7005 or click here for more information on how Workers Compensation Attorneys can help you.

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