What Not to Do After an on the Job Injury


In adult life, the majority of the week is spent in the workplace. No matter the job, people expect to show up, perform their duties and leave. Unfortunately, sometimes the routine is broken by a workplace injury.

While nobody should expect an on-the-job injury, everybody should be prepared for one. Knowing what to do, and sometimes more importantly, what not to do after an on-the-job injury is vital to ensure proper recovery and finical stability in the months after the incident. If you were recently injured, you should consider contacting a Los Angeles on-the-job injury attorney.

Failing to report on time

After sustaining an on-the-job injury, your first step should always be reporting a said injury. Employers are often wary of workplace injuries and will go to great lengths to avoid dealing with on-the-job injury claims. Reporting the injury immediately will help cover your bases if workers compensation becomes necessary.

Hiding previous injuries

A common mistake many make is not reporting previous on-the-job injuries. Failing to disclose your injury history could be held against you if you attempt to obtain workers compensation. Insurance companies may claim that the injury was a pre-existing condition. The results could not only be losing compensation but repaying any previous compensation you obtained.

Not reporting all injuries

While visiting a doctor after an injury, some may be inclined to focus on the most serious injury they accrued. This is a mistake. Failing to report any and all injuries sustained on the job can make it difficult to claim them later down the road. If you try to claim any previously undisclosed injuries, it may appear that you are making fraudulent claims in an attempt to receive more compensation.

Delaying return to work

Some make the mistake of not returning to work when they are able. If you are medically cleared to return to work in any compacity, turning down a position could be used against you in court. Employers can claim that you refused to work and voluntarily lost out on income. This could not only cause a loss of compensation, but it could also permit your employer to terminate you.

Trying to handle your case alone

The most pivotal mistake you could make after an on-the-job injury is trying to obtain compensation on your own. There are many aspects of workplace injury claims that employers and insurance companies can use to their benefit. Even if your case seems clear-cut, you could end up without any compensation if you choose to represent yourself. For that reason, you should consider consulting with a Los Angeles on-the-job injury lawyer.

At The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, we have over 40 years of experience dealing with an on-the-job injury in Los Angeles. We know how to handle the many complexities that come with obtaining workers compensation This experience allows us to stand up to employers and obtain compensation on your behalf. For a consultation, contact us at this link or give us a call at 818-609-7005.

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