What Really Happens To Restaurant Workers


Have you ever gone out to dinner with your friends and family? Of course, you have. More importantly, have you ever eaten a meal that was just so delightful you replay the night over and over again? Magical moments like this do not happen often, but when they do it is truly memorable. However, while you were seated at a table with your friends being served wine and food,  you did not get to see the chaos of the kitchen. You did not witness the prep work that went into your Caesar salad. You were not privy to information about how the line cook is paid under the table while he makes your medium-rare steak. You may not know the ins and outs of the restaurant business but our Los Angeles workers comp lawyers at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach do because it is our job to know.

California labor code

California mandates specific requirements for business owners. One requirement is for each business owner—whether they have one or more employees—must have some kind of workers compensation insurance. Another requirement states that the business must post somewhere where employees can see workers compensation insurance options. These two requirements are very important and can result in hefty fines and penalties for the business owner. Yet, despite the dangers of getting caught, business owners are still choosing to abuse their employees instead of legally obtaining insurance.

An in-depth investigation shows that low-wage restaurant workers are deterred from filing health claims. Instead, they are sent to small medical clinics. These small clinics are low-cost, but that doesn’t help the victims. If a low-wage restaurant cuts a finger they can not complete their job until their cut is healed. Who is going to help them financially during that time? There are times when a wounded dishwasher or cook comes to the clinic with a  severe injury which the clinic cannot help. What are they to do now? Payout pocket for an ER? No. Instead, there are night doctors who come around to help. There are no regulations or oversight for these night doctors. Who knows if what they are doing is appropriate or if they are providing the right kind of medicine.

Living this way is difficult and dangerous. Working a job that is encouraging you to hide injuries is not lawful. Don’t let them tell you that you have no other choice.

What to do?

If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury, we implore you to seek legal assistance. We believe in you and we know that your job is treating you unfairly. Call 818-609-7005 or click here to start a free initial conversation with our workers compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach in Los Angeles today. Don’t wait for your employer to do the right thing because they won’t. Let our team of legal professionals help you get the financial relief you need to recover from your injury.

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