When Your Job Is Causing You Headaches


It is common for people who work long hours at the computer to get more headaches than people in other types of jobs. While most workers learn to deal with this type of situation, migraines can make your life miserable.

Excessive sitting

This is one of the most common causes of chronic pain and tension at work. Excessive sitting is not healthy. If your job requires you to sit for a long time, your posture will be strained and create tension in the neck and lower back. Unfortunately, nearly 90% of American workers work in jobs that require them to sit all day. Sitting for too many hours can cause several health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer. Some people also sit in front of the television after work for more than three hours a day, which can further complicate their overall health.


Stress can trigger headaches. Unfortunately, many jobs are stressful these days. If you are working at one of those places that demand a lot from you and offer nothing in return, run for your life. Work is work but nobody has the right to exploit you. The best way to deal with stress at work is to get up and get some fresh air, especially if you feel the tension. You can also stretch out and implement some breathing techniques. Go to the gym; take some time for your favorite activities or hobbies. Life is more than work.

Muscle tightness

Scientists are not exactly sure about the cause of tension headaches. There is definitely a connection between the muscles and the headaches and some studies shed some light on the subject. Don’t wait until you get a headache. Just try to stop every once in a while and practice muscle relaxation. You can roll your head around and lace your fingers together while stretching your arms up behind your back, and reach down and try to touch your toes.

Bad posture

Poor posture can damage your spine and result in many other health issues. Some studies prove that workers who suffer from headaches generally have their heads forward, which can cause them much pain. A good tip to avoid this situation is reminding yourself to improve your posture. Place your feet on the floor and make sure you have a chair with back support. Also, your monitor should be placed at eye level.

Dry eyes

Your eyes actually produce fewer tears when you are sitting too long in front of the computer all day. Dry eyes can also trigger headaches. Some studies suggest that some dry eye diseases are related to migraines. This is why it is important you look away from the screen once in a while or focus your eyes somewhere else. Keep the monitor away from your eyes and get anti-glare glasses or screen protector.

If your job is causing you too much stress and is affecting your health, ask a Los Angeles stress-related injury lawyer about your options.

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