Whole Foods Employees Dealing With Workplace Stress Due To New Rules

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Whole Foods’ latest inventory system has caused many headaches for their employees. It is common to see workers crying on the job due to the store’s latest “order-to-shelf” inventory system. Customers are angry about shortages and empty shelves. Whole Foods has grown in popularity so it is natural to see their shelves go empty. Unfortunately, employers and customers, these days want everything fast and perfect without considering how their attitude can hurt someone else. Whole Foods employees say the new rules have created a tense work environment and many have already quitted. If you need help filing a claim for work-related stress, make sure you contact an experienced Los Angeles stress-related injury attorney.

The new inventory system requires employees to display the inventory on the shelves rather than in the back room. The reason why the new procedure was implemented is a few complaints about the stores always running out of products. But employees say that the new system actually doesn’t work. The shelves were empty due to the order-to-shelf system. So the system is not fixing the situation but rather making it worse.

With the new system, store managers have to walk through the aisles and make sure the items are where they are supposed to be. So if items are missing or misplaced, points are docked via a scorecard. Items can’t be an inch outside the right spot or the departments will receive negative marks. There are also quizzes for employees where they have to recite sales foals and other important information. If they score 89.9 percent or less, they are fired. It definitely sounds like joining a cult.

But thankfully, employees these days know better so they are quitting their jobs. These are the types of companies that go bankrupt because they treat their staff like garbage. From online reviews to word-of-mouth reviews, everybody knows it so they stop buying from them.

The new store cards are also meant to evaluate employee performance. They include how the employee stocked an item or managed the area assigned to them. They are also quizzed on the items sold each week and points are deducted if the results are not satisfactory. Many lower-scoring employees have been terminated under the new rule. It’s a bizarre system that makes good employees look like trash when they are actually not.

The problem is not performance but the high expectations of some ridiculous employers that make these employees feel miserable. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved soon so that employees can work in peace and customers as well as employers stop whining.

If you are suffering from stress at work, you should check with your employer and if nothing is done to fix the situation, contact a Los Angeles work-related stress injury lawyer.

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