Work-related Stress Is Killing Us All

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Let’s face it. Many employers want their companies to become sweatshops. No empathy, socializing, no breaks, and lots of rules. You can’t pursue your passions or expect your boss to listen to you because that won’t happen. But you better listen to your employer or else you’re fired!. Unfortunately, over 80% of work accidents and doctor visits are stress-related. That’s right. Yet these companies are producing less since employees are more likely to be disengaged. If you are working for a company that doesn’t care about you, and it is affecting your health, hire an experienced Los Angeles workplace injury lawyer.

Overworked without a dime

This is a typical scenario for many employees in America. Employers tend to burn good employees by overworking them to the point they quit. These employees feel they have been punished for doing good work so they are not motivated to perform their best. On top of everything, employers make false promises when hiring. The truth is they want to keep more money in their pockets so they will forget about raises, sales commission, bonuses, and everything else in between. This is illegal and you should take it to court.

Empathy should matter

Does your employer truly care about you? In most cases, they just want you to work harder. Over half of employees leave their jobs because they are unhappy with their boss. Employees should not treat employees like numbers but as human beings. It is hard to work for someone who doesn’t care about their employee’s well-being. When the only focus is on your production field, you will eventually get discouraged and leave. Nothing kills productivity more than a cold-hearted boss.

You are not rewarded

Everybody likes getting that extra bonus or raise, especially if you have been working so hard the whole year. Simply put, good employees should be rewarded often. Employers should find out what makes their employees happy and reward them for their hard work.

Socializing is not allowed

A healthy workplace starts with strong connections between coworkers. When that’s not there, the work environment becomes monotonous. If you can’t have fun at work, it will show the quality of your work and you will definitely become part of the workplace burnout statistics. When work becomes fun, you will not only produce more but you will be willing to work harder and stay longer at the same company.

A phone call can change your life

If you are working in a court throat environment, it is time you claim your rights with the help of a Los Angeles works injury lawyer. A stressful work environment can debilitate your health. Working in an unjust environment will make you sick. It is important you identify the signs of work-related stress and allow for early intervention. Employers should be held accountable for their illegal behavior. Call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation with our talented Los Angeles workplace injury attorneys.

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