California Workers Comp Suspends 9 Medical Providers

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The workers comp department in California has recently suspended nine more medical providers due to fraud and several criminal actions. There are currently a total of 94 suspensions in the state. The recent suspensions will take effect on January 1, 2017. Physicians and medical providers involved in criminal activity, who acted unsafely while performing their duties, or any other type of misconduct, will be suspended.

Thanks to Assembly Bill 1244 these suspensions can be issued. The Bill basically requires the suspension of any medical provider, doctor, or practitioner involved in a fraudulent or criminal activity related to Medi-Cal, Medicare programs, and workers comp. The administrator director has the authority to suspend medical professionals who abuse the workers comp system. These suspensions prevent fraudulent activity from going even further.

There are also other types of qualifying misconduct, including child abuse, endangerment, and driving under the influence, which may cause a medical provider’s suspension. Besides being removed from workers comp, the nine medical providers who were recently suspended were also convicted of crimes and some had their licenses revoked.

When choosing a workers comp doctor

If you don’t have a predesignated doctor before you were injured, your insurance company will choose one for you. However, if you are not happy with the treatment you receive, you can always hire a second opinion. Just make sure you consult your workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles first and inquire about the best course of action. California’s rules are generally based on your insurance company’s network, and whether you have a predesignated doctor.

Can you see your doctor instead?

You can always tell your employer what doctor you wish to see before getting injured at work. If you don’t choose your own doctor, you may have to see a doctor on the designated network. However, California laws allow you to choose a doctor outside of your network, especially if your employer has not been clear about your workers comp rights.

When your employer doesn’t have workers comp insurance

Even if your employer doesn’t have insurance, in California some companies can set aside funds to cover workers compensation claims. In other words, you can sue your employer for medical costs and lost income and collect compensation from the state’s trust fund.

When your claim is denied

When your workers comp claim is denied, you are entitled to request a hearing. Although you are not required to hire an attorney, it is the smart thing to do. For more information about how you can claim your workers comp benefits or if you have any questions about your work-related injury, call us today and schedule a free case assessment with one of our talented Los Angeles workers comp lawyers. We have many years of experience helping clients in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. There are benefits available that you may not know about.

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