Workers Compensation Claims Increase In California


A growing workforce, especially in the construction industry, may suggest that workers compensation claims may increase. After all, construction is not the safest job in the world, despite rules and regulations designed to protect employees.

With that, it should not be surprising that California, unlike other states, saw an increase in workers comp claims. According to a recent report, California saw a 3 percent increase in such claims compared to an 11 percent decrease in similar claims from other states. The state’s Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau compared its comp claim frequency data to those in 35 other states to reach their findings.

Essentially, the increases in the workforce to traditionally hazardous jobs accounted for the increase. More people started working in the construction and manufacturing industries over the last few years. Researchers also found that newer, inexperienced employees were more likely to be injured. Data collected indicated that nearly half of employees injured in 2015 had less than two years of job experience, compared to 41 percent in 2010. Moreover, the number of cumulative injury claims increased as well. 2010 saw only 11.8 percent of all claims under this standard, but in 2015, 18 percent of all claims were cumulative injury claims.

The report suggests that while workers compensation claims are becoming more common, the advice and guidance of an experienced attorney is essential. A skilled lawyer can evaluate the facts surrounding the injury and advocate on your behalf to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injury. If you have questions about what you are entitled to under California’s workers compensation code, an attorney can help.

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