Workers Compensation Could Assist Injured Workers


There are many ways a work accident might happen in California. Those performing tasks involving physical labor may be at a high risk of injury. When such an event takes place, employees may choose to file workers compensation claims to help financially cope with the aftermath. Two lawn care workers in another state may be considering filing claims after recently being injured on the job.

According to officials, the two men were performing lawn maintenance at a home. One of the workers was trimming hedges while standing on a ladder. During this process, the man lifted his cutting tool and accidentally touched it to the power line above him. The electric shock he received caused him to fall off the ladder. The other worker, who was holding the ladder steady, was also knocked to the ground.

The local fire department and paramedics responded to the incident. The man who fell off the ladder was given CPR by paramedics on the scene and as they took him to the hospital. The other worker was not injured as severely but was taken to another hospital for treatment.

In cases of severe injuries, workers may need an extended period of time to recover. This may lead to a loss of wages, which, when paired with medical bills, could cause financial stress on the worker. However, by filing a workers compensation claim, a worker could gain financial benefits that could assist in covering those costs. Anyone hurt on the job could speak to an experienced Los Angeles workers compensation attorney to obtain more information about filing claims.

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